Genetic Testing: Saving Lives and Cost

Genetic testing is a valuable tool in identifying gene faults in family members who are at-risk of disease.  But a new study based on data from the Registry has found it can save costs as well as lives.

Published in the prestigious Heart journal, the study found genetic testing of families with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM) is more cost-effective than clinical screening alone.

Although genetic testing seems marginally more expensive than clinical screening alone, there were clear gains for patients such as a longer, happier life. It also had the potential to save costs in the future.

“Our research found that adding genetic testing to patient care may actually save healthcare cost when the price of the gene test is reduced. The good news is this is expected to happen within the next year due to vast improvements in technologies,” said Dr Jodie Ingles, Registry Coordinator and lead author of this study.

“A genetic test can identify people who don’t carry their family’s gene fault so it means they don’t need a lifetime of cardiologist visits,” added Professor Chris Semsarian, Registry Advisory Chair and the study’s senior author. “This can also free up resources to help people with disease and reduce demands on our healthcare budget.”

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